What We Do

The Tatitlek Corporation delivers mission-critical solutions to government agencies, defense contractors and high profile private sector customers at locations throughout the United States and around the world. TTC has formed subsidiary companies with diverse expertise to deliver high-quality services within multiple federal sectors. Every TTC subsidiary is led by highly experienced management specialized in their field and driven by a trained workforce who achieve successful outcomes for our clients through a dedication to innovative strategies, outstanding outcomes for our clients and mutually beneficial collaborations.  

Professional and Administrative Support Services

Technical Services

Installation Support Services


• 100% Alaska Native Owned  
• Unique Federal Government Procurement Advantages 
• $100M Direct Award Thresholds 
• Portfolio of Small Disadvantaged (SDB) & 8(a) Companies 
• SDB Credit for Subcontracts 
• Strong Financial Stability

The Tatitlek Corporation’s professional and administrative support services focus on coordination and management of administrative tasks and program support. 

TTC ensures the seamless process of day-to-day activities and range of functions vital to an organizations’ functionality and efficiency by facilitating professional and administrative support services, which play a crucial role in optimizing productivity, enhancing security measures, and promoting effective decision-making at all levels.

Performed by a dedicated team of TTC professionals, these services streamline operations, foster a productive work environment, and enable clients to focus on their core objectives and strategic goals.

Professional and Administrative Support 

  • Program management   
  • Document management and recordkeeping  
  • Scheduling and calendar management  
  • Travel arrangement and expense management  
  • Procurement and supply chain management  
  • Budgeting and financial management support  
  • Human resources and personnel administration  
  • Data entry and database management  
  • Correspondence and communication support  
  • Workflow coordination and process improvement  
  • Policy and procedure development and implementation  
  • Quality assurance and compliance monitoring  
  • Reporting and data analysis  
  • Customer service and stakeholder support

Training and Mission Support 

  • Training needs assessment  
  • Curriculum development and design  
  • Instructor-led training delivery  
  • E-learning and online training development  
  • Training program evaluation and assessment  
  • Learning management system (LMS) administration  
  • Training scheduling and coordination  
  • Train-the-trainer programs  
  • Onboarding and orientation programs  
  • Performance support tools and resources  
  • Technical skills training  
  • Professional development programs 

Encompasses a wide range of specialized knowledge and skills in engineering, technology, and cybersecurity that are essential in today’s complex and rapidly evolving landscape. These services focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions and support in engineering design, technical analysis, systems development, information assurance, and cybersecurity.

With a team of highly skilled professionals, TTC ensures the successful execution of complex projects, implementation of robust security measures, and the application of advanced technologies to optimize performance, reliability, and safety. These services enable organizations to tackle challenges, drive innovation, and achieve their technical objectives with confidence by leveraging our team’s expertise and staying abreast of the latest industry advancements. 


Engineering and Technical  

  • Engineering design and analysis  
  • Systems integration and optimization  
  • Prototyping and product development  
  • Technical feasibility studies  
  • Testing and evaluation  
  • Research and development support  
  • Technical documentation and specifications  
  • Manufacturing process improvement  
  • Failure analysis and troubleshooting  
  • Systems architecture and modeling  
  • Software development and programming  
  • Hardware and software integration  
  • Technical project management  
  • Quality assurance and control  
  • Technical training and knowledge transfer with support and helpdesk services  
  • Lifecycle management and support  

Systems Engineering  

  • Requirements analysis and management 
  • Architecture design, integration and testing, risk assessment and mitigation 
  • Verification and validation 
  • Configuration management 
  • Modeling and simulation, performance analysis, optimization and tuning and documentation and specifications 
  • Interface management 
  • Change management 
  • System deployment and implementation, maintenance and support 
  • System upgrades and enhancements and troubleshooting and issue resolution 
  • System security and compliance 

Information Assurance and Cyber Security  

  • Vulnerability assessments and penetration testing  
  • Security risk assessments, policy development and implementation  
  • Incident response and management  
  • Security awareness training and education  
  • Security architecture design and implementation  
  • Network and system security monitoring  
  • Intrusion detection and prevention  
  • Security audits and compliance assessments  
  • Data encryption and protection  
  • Identity and access management  
  • Security incident and event management (SIEM)  
  • Threat intelligence and analysis  
  • Malware analysis and protection  
  • Security governance and compliance  
  • Security consulting and advisory services  
  • Cybersecurity incident response planning  


Geospatial Technology  Development

  • Geospatial data acquisition, processing, review, hosting, and publication  
  • Optimization of complex geospatial processing workflows  
  • Quality assurance/quality control procedures in large-scale geospatial production environments  
  • Implementation of artificial intelligence (ai) and machine learning (ml) technologies and workflows  
  • Geospatial processing in high-performance computing environments  
  • Commercial satellite imagery downlink capability on U.S. soil: tasking, collection, processing, exploitation, and dissemination
  • Hosting and streaming of OGC-compliant web services  
  • Technology configuration, implementation and support for web applications  
  • ESRI ArcGIS and portal support; configuration, management, building maps and applications in portal  
  • Application, database and web development and sustainment  
  • Needs analysis, architecture, development, and cold fusion web applications 

Encompasses a wide range of capabilities in facility support, construction, and security. These services focus on providing sustainable solutions to complex and challenging missions and projects by employing innovative techniques, process improvements, and teamwork.

TTC specializes in working with customers in a collaborative environment to develop and deliver targeted results to each client’s unique requirements, emphasizing safety, cost, schedule, function, and quality. TTC company leaders, who have years of experience and specialized expertise, understand the value of exceptional customer service and the importance of proactively supporting clients. We speak the language, understand the challenges, and work with customers to consistently deliver high-quality services that meet diverse needs across a broad range of sectors.


Facilities Support 

  • Facility operations and maintenance services  
  • Facility management  
  • Preventive/recurring maintenance  
  • Facilities maintenance, repair, alteration and minor construction   
  • Janitorial/custodial services  
  • Utilities and physical plant operations  
  • Supply and logistic support services  
  • Landscaping and grounds maintenance  
  • Classified/unclassified mail services 


  • Commercial and industrial facilities construction  
  • Design-build/design-Bid-Build construction and renovation projects  
  • Design-build sustainment, restoration and modernization projects  
  • Design-build jet engine test cell construction and renovations  
  • Emergency repair and restoration projects  
  • Construction management   
  • Pre-construction services  
  • Facility performance improvement services  
  • Coefficient-based contracts/r.s. means-based estimating 


  • Armed/unarmed guard services  
  • Access control and perimeter security  
  • Roving patrols  
  • Surveillance and alarm/monitoring systems  
  • Emergency response planning and execution  
  • Incident reporting and investigation  
  • Physical asset protection and loss prevention 

The advantages of partnering with a TTC 8(a) company
8(a) is a business-development program from the U.S. Small Business Administration designed to help firms owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged people, including Alaska Natives. TTC subsidiary companies that are currently certified under the SBA 8(a) program have eligibility for unique procurement advantages with federal clients.

Any corporation, regardless of size, that partners with a TTC company for a specific contract is also eligible for the same 8(a) advantages, which include:

  • Sole Source: ANC 8(a)s may be awarded sole-sourced federal contracts of any size. Unlike a non-tribally owned 8(a), a TTC 8(a) company is not subject to the $3.5 million cap on sole-source awards. 13 CFR 124.506(b) 
  • Non-Protest: Sole-source awards made to TTC 8(a) companies cannot be protested. 13 CFR 124.517(a) 
  • SDB Credit for Subcontracts: Subcontracts awarded to a TTC 8(a) can be counted towards the prime contractor’s goal for subcontracting with a small, disadvantaged business and small business concerns, regardless of the TTC company’s size or SBA certification status. The credit may be taken where the TTC 8(a) company is no longer small under SBA regulations. 48 CFR 19.703(c)(1) 
  • 5% Incentive Program: Department of Defense contractors who offer subcontracts to a TTC 8(a) company may be eligible to receive 5% of the total value of the subcontract as an incentive under the Buy Indian Act. Per Section 504 of the Indian Financing Act of 1974 (25 U.S.C. ? 1544) and also referenced under (FAR 52.226-1).

(2016 - Present)

Chris Viramontes oversees subsidiary business activities and service execution in coordination with general managers with intent to achieve maximum profit and growth. Chris has more than two decades of senior management experience in federal contracting. His prior roles include Vice President, Base Operations Support Services at Chugach Government Solutions, LLC, and he is a retired U.S. Air Force Civil Engineering Officer who held a variety of positions in facility operations and maintenance, engineering and construction, and environmental management.

(2023 - Present)

Paul Fondren, DBA, PMP leads multiple subsidiary general managers in the execution of a diverse portfolio of federal contracts. In this role, Dr. Fondren drives operational excellence, implements processes and systems to optimize efficiency, and maximizes the firm’s potential as it continues to grow. Dr. Fondren brings over 25 years of military and industry experience with 14 of those years specifically and proudly serving Alaska Native Corporations.

(2016 - Present)

Mark Wamsher shapes TTC’s global business development endeavors and resources, strengthening the company’s position within the defense industry. With two decades of experience in federal contracting, Mark brings a wealth of experience growing small businesses. Before joining The Tatitlek Corporation, Mark was a Strategic Support Manager at Afognak Native Corporation and Alutiiq LLC.


Candace (Candy) Totemoff Hendrickson is currently the Shareholder Services Manager, joining the TTC team in June 2023. Throughout her professional career, Candy has gained versatile experience working with various Alaska Native Corporations, boards, committees, shareholders, management and employees.

  • Prior experience includes liaisons for the board and Small Business Administration at Ouzinkie Native Corporation
  • Candy has also worked various roles at Southcentral Foundation Dental, Koniag Education Foundation, Chugach Alaska Corporation, and The Tatitlek Corporation on the contracts team
  • Candy currently serves as a Board of Director for King Cove Holdings and King Cove Corporation


Currently based out of The Tatitlek Corporation’s office in Anchorage, AK, Rami works as Shareholder Services Manager. She works closely with the Tatitlek Village IRA Council to bridge connections and align goals with TTC to support the Tatitlek Village community.

  • Prior roles include Information Technology Helpdesk Support at TTC and Cultural Resources
  • Apprentice for Chugach Alaska Corporation
  • Rami is a Copper Mountain Foundation scholarship recipient and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems and Associates of Applied Science in Computer Science from the University of Alaska Anchorage
  • She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Wayland Baptist University


Angela Totemoff is Director of Shareholder Services and the President of the Copper Mountain Foundation. As an active member in the community, she was born and raised in the Native Village of Tatitlek and currently lives in Anchorage, AK with her husband and two daughters.

  • She has worked for The Tatitlek Corporation in several capacities, beginning as a participant in the Shareholder Management Development Program in 2011, then as a Contracts Administrator in 2013
  • Other past experience includes working for Chenega Corporation as a Risk Management Specialist and a Management Intern

Prominent leadership roles with the community and Alaska Native organizations include:

  • Alaska Federation of Natives – Board Member, 2018 to Present
  • Prince William Sound Regional Citizen’s Advisory Council, 2014 to Present
  • Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation – Board Member, 2021 to Present
  • Federal Subsistence Management Program Southcentral Alaska Subsistence Regional Advisory Council – Member, 2020 to Present
  • ROSSIA – Board Member, 2014 to 2023
  • Alaska Business Magazine Top 40 Under 40 – Recipient, 2018
  • Registered Alutiiq Artist with the Alutiiq Museum
  • She holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and a master’s degree in Business Administration in Information and Communication Technology from Alaska Pacific University, and a master’s degree in Project Management from the University of Alaska Anchorage.


Dick Hobbs is a seasoned professional spearheading business development and new contract pursuits, overseeing day-to-day business operations, and ensuring the stringent adherence to quality control, safety, and compliance standards for all federally contracted projects. With an extensive career spanning over 25 years in federal contracting, his expertise is deeply rooted in the industry. Before assuming his current role at The Tatitlek Corporation, Dick held significant leadership positions as the President and CEO at both Afognak Native Corporation and Alutiiq LLC. His prior experience underscores his proven track record and comprehensive understanding of the complexities within the realm of federal contracting and executive leadership.


Nicole Christopherson joined The Tatitlek Corporation as the Assistant Controller and in 2015 she became the Director of Accounting for TTC. In August 2021 she was appointed as Senior Vice President of Finance. Nicole is responsible for the Company’s financial and business standing in relation to investments, transactions and operations. She has two decades of corporate accounting, tax and audit experience and she received her CPA license in 2000. Nicole’s prior experience includes roles with KPMG, LLP and Arctic Slope Regional Corporation.

(2015 - Present)

Robert Bridges oversees legal, compliance and related business operations for The Tatitlek Corporation. He has more than 25 years of experience managing business operations and risk. Previously, he served as the Associate General Counsel of Altisource (NASDAQ: ASPS) and as the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Williams & Williams, where he led management of the Alaska real estate portfolio for many national banks.


Patty Miller leads The Tatitlek Corporation’s Human Resources, Information Technology and Administration functions. She brings more than 20 years of senior management experience with an emphasis in federal contracting. Prior to joining TTC, Patty previously served as Senior Vice President at First National Bank Alaska and Senior Management at Afognak Native Corporation and Alutiiq LLC.


Dean Clowers is a 35-year federal-contracting veteran, and serves as the TTC President. In this role he is responsible for executing the corporation’s strategic priorities and desired outcomes as outlined by the TTC Board of Directors. These desired outcomes stress the importance of positioning the corporation for future success through growth, stability, and diversity. Prior to joining TTC, Dean previously served as the Vice President of Operations for Chugach Alaska Corporation and the Executive Vice President for Afognak Native Corporation and Alutiiq LLC.


As the daughter of the late Tatitlek Village Chief Gary Kompkoff, Nanci brings a unique perspective to the board due to her deep roots and many close ties to the Native Village of Tatitlek. Nanci is the current President of the Tatitlek Village IRA Council and serves as a vital liaison between TTC and Tatitlek Village. Armed with her traditional knowledge, Nanci strives to lead with integrity, develop her team, serve and protect her community, and develop trust and show respect for all tribal members.

  • Tatitlek Village IRA Council – President
  • Chugach Regional Resources Commission – Board Director
  • North Pacific Rim Housing Authority – Board Member
  • Chugach School District – Board Member
  • Chugachmiut – Board Member

(2005 - present)

As a steadfast advocate for Alaska Native self-determination, Sheri has been The Tatitlek Corporation’s Board Treasurer since 2005. She grew up in the Native Village of Tatitlek and is a prominent member of the Alaska business and Alaska Native organization communities. She graduated from University of Alaska Anchorage with a degree in accounting and from Gulf Coast Community College in Florida with a business degree. Sheri has been employed by Chugach Alaska Corporation since 1998 and serves as CAC’s Board Chair and Director.

  • Copper Mountain Foundation and the Tatitlek Settlement Trust – Chairman
  • Lead for TTC’s Finance Committee
  • Sits on the boards of various company subsidiaries

Prominent leadership roles with the community and Alaska Native organizations include:

  • Alaska Federation of Natives – Director, 1997 to Present
  • Native American Contractors Association – Director, 2015 to Present
  • Silver Salmon Creek Leadership Institute – Board Member
  • University of Alaska – Board of Regents, 2015 to 2023
  • Prince William Sound Regional Citizens Advisory Council
  • ANCSA Regional Association – Director, 1999 to Present, President, 2004 to 2008
  • Alaskans Standing Together Director
  • Russian Orthodox Sacred Sites in Alaska, Inc. – President, 2002 to Present
  • Foraker Group Governance Board- Director, 2007 to 2014
  • Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Public Advisory Group, 1996 to 2000
  • United Way Fundraising Campaign – Native Corporation Co-Chair
  • Anchorage Economic Development Corporation – Board Member
  • Alaska Business Hall of Fame though Junior Achievement Alaska
  • Anchorage Athena Society – Recipient of Athena Society Leadership Award
  • YWCA Women of Achievement and Alaska Journal of Commerce Achievement in Business Awards – Recipient


Born and raised in the Native Village of Tatitlek, Ken has provided strategic governance on TTC’s board since 1995. As a retired fisherman of 45 seasons on Prince William Sound and the Copper River Delta, and strong steward of Tatitlek lands and traditional subsistence practices, Ken is a recognized authority on traditional Alutiiq knowledge. Ken remains active in the community of the Native Village of Tatitlek and church.

  • Copper Mountain Foundation and Tatitlek Settlement Trust – Director
  • Previously served on The Native Village of Tatitlek Governing Council for more than half a decade
  • Holds certifications in commercial maritime and heavy equipment operation and formal training in commercial refrigeration from American Institute in Chicago, IL
  • Chair of TTC’s Lands Committee and sits on the boards of various company subsidiaries

ROY TOTEMOFF, CEO (2006 - Present)

As Chief Executive Officer, Roy leads in managing the operations, people and resources of The Tatitlek Corporation. Roy was elected to the board in 1992 and became CEO in 2006. Prior to his leadership at TTC, Roy was Vice President of the Tatitlek Village IRA Council and was the owner and operator of a successful commercial fishing boat operation based in Prince William Sound. He also has prior training as a tribal court judge and was a manager for maintenance for North Pacific Rim Housing Authority.

  • Copper Mountain Foundation – Trustee
  • Prince William Sound Economic Development Council – Board member, representing The Tatitlek Corporation and the Tatitlek Village IRA Council
  • Sits on all boards of The Tatitlek Corporation’s subsidiary companies


With more than a decade on The Tatitlek Corporation’s board of directors, Kristel was voted to the board in 2009 and became Chairman in 2018. Her maternal family is from the Native Village of Tatitlek and her paternal family is from the Nome, AK area. She was born and raised in Anchorage, AK and has a son, Alex and dog, Henry. She is honored to serve TTC shareholders in this capacity and strives to contribute positive, meaningful impacts to the corporation so future generations will have the opportunity to benefit.

  • Copper Mountain Foundation and the Tatitlek Settlement Trust – Trustee
  • Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium’s Alaska Pacific University – Senior Liaison for Development and External Relationships
  • Alaska Journal of Commerce’s – Top Forty Under 40 recipient
  • Holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing from the University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Prior experience includes Development Director at First Alaskans Institute and stakeholder management at an oil and gas company
  • Sits on all boards of The Tatitlek Corporation’s subsidiary companies